What is executive coaching?

"Leaders are more powerful role models when they learn rather than when they teach."
Rosabeth Moss Kantor: Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School

It’s about evolving the individual skills and behaviour of key employees to improve the way that business gets done. Better still, executive coaching is about developing a process with each person that he or she can take away and use to constantly adapt to changing conditions.

So what is executive coaching? Executive coaching is:

  • an individually designed learning process to help each participant make the behavioural changes needed for growth
  • one-to-one development targeting areas where the greatest positive impact is most important
  • an active process that requires the proactive participation by the coachee in setting objectives and engaging in action learning, participants in coaching need to be ready to be coached
  • adaptive to the context and content of the participant

Executive Coaching IS NOT counselling - that is too focused on recovery and the past. It is NOT consulting - that is too focused on providing advice and being an expert. It is NOT life coaching - that is too focused on personal goals.

Instead, Executive Coaching  is a future-focused facilitated learning process that supports you to find and develop your own expertise in an organisational context.

Who needs an Executive Coach?

Anyone going through change or implementing new initiatives, anyone who needs to develop better leadership skills, anyone who manages people, and anyone who wants to improve their performance will benefit from executive coaching.

Established leaders who are often already competent and respected in their current position get just as much benefit from executive coaching as middle and beginning leaders. The tailored learning approach of executive coaching means that, unlike other approaches to development, which can be hit-or-miss at best, each coaching session brings participants directly closer to their goals.

It’s an open secret that the right executive coaching services can accelerate success for any organisation by making them more adaptive, more resilient and better focused on their customers, whether internal or external.

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