So you think you are ready to be coached?

Want to find out if you are ready to be coached? The simple checklist below will give you a good indication of where you are and if now is the time to start your executive coaching. For each point in the list if you CAN FULLY AGREE/COMMIT, tick that dot point. If not, then do nothing for that statement. BE HONEST. Keep track of your ‘agree/commit’ ticks and then learn what it means by reading the paragraph that comes afterwards.

Checklist – each time you “Fully Agree/Commit” = 1 tick

  • I know what positive changes I want for myself, and I’m serious about it - I have a goal
  • I’m ready to work at making positive changes, even if it is “hard”
  • I’m ready to integrate and act on feedback - even if I don't like it
  • I will be open and honest in the coaching discussions
  • I am ready and willing to confront and overcome self limiting beliefs and behaviours - I am ready to let go of old patterns (are you really ready for this?)
  • I am willing to try new ways of learning, behaving and working - even when it feels uncomfortable
  • I will follow through and do my “homework” from the coaching sessions - even when there is no time
  • I will raise and openly discuss any issues about the coaching goals
  • I will acknowledge the investment that my organisation is making in me
  • I will be prompt in signalling any problems in our coaching relationship

How to interpret your rating:

‘Agree/commit’ under 5 ticks
Working on the remaining points is recommended if coaching is to be of real value to you. Coaching is a relationship and needs your commitment to work. Perhaps you feel that you are in a rut, or that you could surely do better, but are unsure of what to change. Consider an interview or an initial conversation with an experienced coach to discuss. You may find that you are closer to being ready than you thought.

‘Agree/commit’ between 5 and 9 ticks
A good start – for the remaining points, check to see if there are really any ‘showstoppers’ as far as you are concerned. If you can visualise yourself in a positive coaching relationship then you will be able to improve on these points over time. Think about it and go through the list again to see if the number of ‘agree/commit’ points goes up. If not, a good coach will help you work through your concerns and won’t start until you are both ready to make the most of the relationship.

‘Agree/commit’ at 10 ticks
Time to meet your coach! You might be asking yourself why wait until the level is this high before suggesting that you are ready? It’s because evidenced-based research has shown whenever clients discuss any failings about past coaching experiences, the issues usually concern one or more of the points in the list. Real coaching results need a firm base that is best built on agreement and commitment on all ten points.

Whether you are ready for coaching or whether you would like to find out how to get ready, the next step is to discuss it with us. Call Alison on 0400 340 171 and tell us where you think you are with the checklist above for a frank and informal conversation around executive coaching and other development options.