Nine Conversations in Leadership

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Nine Conversations in Leadership™ is a global, innovative leadership development intervention that acts as a catalyst for long-term development of leaders. It is called an “intervention” because it is much more than simply a leadership program – it is an organisational development process.  Leadership Evolution has added the Nine Conversations in Leadership™ to our suite of offerings because it is a group coaching process that supports our frame of relational leadership and action learning. This inspiring program is applicable at every level of the organisation and utilises a process that adapts to the organisation's context. Highlights of the intervention are:

  • Nine facilitated conversations that occur within a small peer group (comprising up to ten people), referred to as a leadership cell.
  • The purpose of each conversation is to share and learn from one another's leadership challenges and successes and to co-create ideas and solutions from shared learning and wisdom – based on their current shared context.
  • It examines leadership in the realms of :

    HeadHead (knowing)
    HeartHeart (being)
    HandsHands (doing)
  • The conversations are: Getting Started, Vision, Community, Alignment, Teams, Developing Individuals, Energy, Self, and Moving On.
  • The intervention focuses on embedding the learnings in to the workplace through action based projects.

The Nine Conversations in Leadership™ intervention fuses organisational development and facilitated learning in a workshop format. It uses 360° feedback, peer coaching and personal development planning to create strong, committed and aligned leaders at all levels of the organisation. It brings participants together repeatedly to explore and cover all aspects of leadership, from organisational leadership to team leadership and the leadership of individuals and self.

Leadership alignment is a critical component for harnessing organisational energy to achieve the organisation's vision, values and strategy. The Nine Conversations in Leadership™ intervention assists organisations to achieve such alignment.

What are the Organisational benefits of the Program?

The introduction of the 9C program to your organisation offers benefits that impact positively on the individual, teams and the organisation:

  • Solidifies organisational leadership around the organisation’s vision, values, purpose and strategy, and building trust and alignment in leadership teams.
  • Aligns the organisation, supporting clarity of leadership messages throughout the organisation.
  • Enhances the organisation’s ability to respond quickly and uniformly to strategic shifts and contributes to enhanced financial performance over time.
  • Supports talent identification and leadership succession planning strategies.
  • Develops team cohesion and leadership capability at all levels through the addition of leadership skills.
  • Identifies organisational effectiveness opportunities as the vision, strategy, team dynamics and essential operating elements are examined continually in an open, structured environment.
  • Leaders grow their self-awareness, leadership competencies and personal effectiveness. They create strategies for managing their energy levels to ensure they remain in good health (physically, mentally and emotionally) and efforts are sustainable.

Download the 9C Information Guide PDF to find out more information about this incredibly powerful, global, organisational leadership program offered through Leadership Evolution, and watch Alison and her colleague Stephen discuss the program on the clip below. For more information, call Alison Jardie on 0400 340 171.