NLP Skills Training

Leadership Evolution provides tailored training in NLP Skills by Master Practitioner, Alison Jardie.
NLP skills can be used across a great variety of settings and situations to enhance your performance and the performance of your organisation. For example, NLP as a concept and as a technique applies to all aspects of leadership, communication, functional and line management, sales and marketing, change management, performance enhancement, motivation, problem solving and customer service. See our section on how NLP applies for more information. NLP programs are inspiring, fun and provide exceptional professional and personal benefits.

Through NLP Skills Training, your organisation can learn the secrets of outstanding communication, influencing skills, building rapport, motivating self and others, and massively improving performance towards goals.

Here are a sample of some fantastic reasons why an NLP Skills Training program could be the right solution for you and your colleagues:

Easier identification of skills and strategies leading to success
The modelling skills that are part of the NLP toolkit mean that you can extract the essential success factors of others (your heroes) and use them to enhance your outcomes.

Breaking out of limiting patterns of behaviour
Knowing how you form patterns of behaviour as well as learning how to form new ones at will.

Ability to recognise unproductive thinking and to rectify it
Using NLP skills to identify your negative self talk, and the communication and unproductive thinking patterns that go with it, will enable you to see your limiting internal monologues for what they are and open you to the possibility to change for the better.

Better stress handling and work pleasure
Being better prepared to make use of an increased number of options – increasing behavioural flexibility - gives you a better chance of finding satisfactory solutions with less stress.

Developing peak performance and motivation
Using NLP skills, you can define the performance you want and model the successful patterns of behaviour that will move you towards the outcomes you seek.

New flexibility in working with different people
NLP skills help you to open up to additional modes of communication and understand how to build rapport with people who may be communicating using different styles and approaches to your own.

Influencing skills
Use NLP skills to see how best to ‘reach’ colleagues, by using the modes of communication that they favour and which they are the most responsive to.

More effective and productive negotiation skills
Build rapport faster at a variety of levels using NLP skills and communicate in ways that optimise your sales and influencing skills.

Goal Setting
When you set goals using NLP techniques you are working at the conscious and subconscious levels, meaning your goals are embedded and your behaviour is naturally attracting elements that support your goal.

Better dealing with situations by getting better information
The more you know about a particular risk, the better you can manage it. NLP skills allow you to probe constructively and elicit useful information from others, including reading non-verbal signals.

Smoother and more effective change management
NLP skills help you to change and adjust patterns of behaviour, not just for yourself, but also for other people.

Enhanced openness to innovation
NLP skills open up new ways of doing things, new vistas and new opportunities. You will gain natural motivation to seek out additional ways to innovate and gain new advantages.

With our business knowledge and experience, we take the time to find out about your organisation and your specific requirements to then tailor NLP training accordingly. This means that you get the most benefit out of:

  • modelling and learning the skills and attitudes of very successful people
  • redefining your own specific beliefs and behaviours for positive change
  • effective techniques to unlock the positive motivation of others
  • significant improvements in building rapport
  • improved networking abilities
  • readiness and ability to innovate constructively.

Our NLP training benefits are also anchored in your organisation and in the minds of the participants by clearly linking the concepts and techniques to actual job requirements and projects. You get the Leadership Evolution Facilitation Philosophy in any learning experience we undertake. This means that as well as getting the overall advantages listed above, your training will address particular workplace issues and participants will immediately apply the learnings for ‘quick wins’ to embed the skills for future and ongoing use.

If one or more of the advantages above are of interest to you, then find out how we can help you to get them faster by phoning Alison Jardie at Leadership Evolution now on 0400 340 171.