Leadership Evolution Profile

Leadership Evolution was founded in 2008 to provide relevant, quality services in:

  • leadership development
  • executive coaching
  • cultural change initiatives
  • team performance
  • facilitation of organisational development

The services provided by Leadership Evolution are:

  • tailored to client needs
  • drawn from the traditional academic disciplines of management and psychology blended with the latest brain research and human performance tools
  • practical solutions with action outcomes and results for clients
  • based on a frame of relational leadership and applied action learning.

Leadership Evolution is a Brisbane based consultancy that partners with like-minded associates so that our clients can access a global network of resources, coaches and facilitators.

When Alison Jardie founded Leadership Evolution, she asked herself 4 critical questions to lay the foundation for the direction of the business: What will my clients see, hear and feel when Leadership Evolution is successful? What values will my clients see demonstrated? How do will my clients see me show up? And, what will Leadership Evolution be famous for?

Leadership Evolution: What will you see, hear, feel?
A world where leaders create high performing, empowered organisations, and that all members of the organisation feel connected to and fulfilled to their highest potential. Where Leadership Evolution has been, the oranisations buzz, customers love them, their shareholders love them, and everyone wants to be a part of them.

Leadership Evolution Values: What values do you see demonstrated?

  • Growth and evolution: helping people and organisations grow personally and professionally, increasing behavioural flexibility and choice, and being organic and responsive
  • Things that really work: using practical, powerful tools and methods for insight and growth, ensuring applied results for clients
  • Relationships: a focus on relational leadership for ourselves and others
  • Making a Difference: to one and to many – being fulfilled personally and professionally, helping people find their fulfilment
  • Quality: applying thoughtfulness, research, evidence-based, intellectual rigour, and measurement of results to client issues

Leadership Evolution Behaviours: How will you see me show up?

  • With abundant energy and optimism
  • With genuine empathy and responsiveness
  • As a role model of my philosophy
  • By being at the forefront – always learning about the craft

What will Leadership Evolution be famous for?

Touching thousands of lives to make the time they spend at work a fulfilling experience. Clients feel connected, worthwhile, alive, grateful.

Leadership Evolution

                     Helping Leaders Be