How is NLP applied?

How is NLP applied in Executive Coaching and Leadership Development?

In the coaching and leadership development domains, NLP is used in a vast number of ways, a key subset of which includes:

  • Increasing behavioural flexibility: challenging current behaviours and strategies and developing more empowering ones. Ideal when the coaching is focused on personal success and breaking through boundaries (see NLP Breakthrough Coaching for more information). Great for improving interpersonal relationships, change management, performance improvement, motivation and goal setting.
  • Communication and interpersonal skills: NLP puts particular emphasis on communication, because of the role of language in the thought and decision making process. Understanding how people receive and filter information, as well as skills in building rapport and reading people, can help you reach people more effectively (see NLP Skills for more information). Great for improving influencing skills, public speaking, building relationships, sales, and communicating effectively.
  • Modelling exceptional leaders: The NLP technique of modelling (unknown before in classical psychology) is a technique of considerable power in itself. Seeking to model the values, decisions and behaviours of exceptional leaders can be done through a process of Cognitive Profiling and may greatly accelerate your personal results. Great for creating high performance athletes, teams, and executives.
  • Internal aligment of values and goals: Creating a vision and ensuring the alignmnet of personal goals and values. This helps create abundant energy, motivation and momentum toward an envisioned future.

NLP works at both the conscious and sub-conscious level which is why it is so effective and embedded. In order to tap into the sub-conscious, techniques that the NLP practitioner may use include visualisation, metaphors, challenging and probing questioning techniques, hypnosis,and cognitive profiling among others. Ultimately, NLP is seeking to improve your performance.

As a Master Practitioner in NLP, Alison Jardie is skilled at integrating many NLP techniques in her coaching, facilitation and consulting – sometimes subtly, sometimes explicitly - to optimise the results you are seeking. She blends her traditional background as a psychologist with studies in management and the accelerated high performance techniques of NLP so that her clients get the best of all worlds. Having ideas is good – applying them is better! If you’d like to know more about how NLP can benefit you as an individual or improve your organisation, then please call Alison at Leadership Evolution on 0400 340 171.