Facilitation & Organisational Development


The task of Organisational Leadership – that is taking the organisation in the direction it needs to go – may include setting the vision, structure and alignment, strategy, building organisational values, identifying and fostering the organisational culture, community and stakeholder engagement, and building teams. These activities often require additional support from the right external facilitator.

As a Fellow of the Institute for Learning Practitioners, Alison is a highly skilled and qualified facilitator, and can help you develop and facilitate activities and sessions around change management, business planning, organisational culture, discussions on hot topics, and general learning and development activities which emerge from your task as organisational leaders.

Leadership Evolution is delighted to collaborate with you and apply our facilitation and organisational development expertise to help solve your organisational problem!


Leadership Evolution Facilitation
When you engage Alison Jardie to facilitate your business planning retreat, undertake team building, or learning and development activities, you get:  

  • a “guide on the side” not the “sage on the stage"
  • tools, models and processes based on the tried and true disciplines of psychology, management and leadership, as well as the latest brain based research
  • wisdom that come from the room 
  • each person engaged in the learning using their own examples, their own work, and their own existing wisdom and observations about life
  • the message of the learning embedded and reinforced through the latest accelerated adult learning techniques
  • participants who are ready and willing to do something immediately different in the workplace

Here are what clients say about having engaged Alison as a facilitator:

Facilitation and Business Planning: The planning workshop was a fantastic success. Alison did a great job facilitating and held things together in spite of various distractions. She creates a friendly and upbeat atmosphere, while keeping the group on-task and the outputs productive. I’ve received very positive feedback from all the participants, including those who wouldn’t normally make a comment.
Grant Russell, Group Finance Manager, CS Energy Limited

Organisation Culture: We always thought we knew what was going on in our business and even what was our passion, driving force and values, but after the Culture Check, which Alison conducted, we had a clear picture on paper of who we are as described by our key people. All of a sudden our key people accepted our past, got present and we designed our future without hesitation. Our results since the culture check speak for themselves - 20% sales increase and a settled staff taking on more responsibility. Thanks Alison.
Rob Bryant, CEO, Money3 Corporation Victoria

If you are seeking a highly skilled facilitator, who can work with you and your team in an innovative and responsive way to achieve results, then you have found one! Please contact Alison Jardie at Leadership Evolution, on 0400 340 171 to discuss your facilitation needs.